August 17, 2008

Unstuck and misc Olympic thoughts

Ok so last time I was Stuck in Portland.... for a year (in blog world anyway...)

This time I thought I would take a mini blog break again while Stuck in Witchita

Been going like crazy the last couple weeks and trying to cram as much Olympics in as I can.
A few truly random Olympic thoughts:
  • Phelps is awesome... he is the Chuck Norris of sports  
  • Bela Karoly is Bob Costa's personal comment grenade... he just pulls the pin and then  watches in mock horror... seriously... Bela says what we are all thinking... Yes we all think the Chinese girls average age is 12 (one of them is missing a baby tooth!) Yes the judging stinks... see next comment

  • Alicia Sacramone got robbed! The North Korean went out of bounds and the Chinese girl fell... ROBBED!!! Alicia you are a medal winner in our eyes!
  • The Nancy Grace sound- alike in synchronized diving is truly annoying... I mute the sound while I watch
  • Andrea Kremer the woman who interviews after swimming events is HORRIBLE!!! Seriously I think there is someone in the truck daring her to ask stupid questions or something... "So what was your goal in this event?" ummmm winning? Or the worst was her interview of the athlete whose dad travelled to Beijing while battling cancer... she is either really gutsy or just dumb.
  • I am convinced the commentators all went to some sort of Chinese brainwashing school before the olympics... they come off as anti-american... Except my boy Bela :-)
  • OK I am tired of hearing about the opening ceremonies... yes they were awesome... awesomely robotic...with a dash of communist evil thrown in... really... when your options are success or working as the lead paint specialist in a toy-making sweat shop factory with the 12 year olds that did not make the gymnastics team... you tend to work really hard to make sure your little box goes up and down or beat your drum at the right tempo... I am so sad for the chinese people... extreme communism with faux capitalism make for a scarily impressive Olympics. Now if they could only get the "volunteers" to show up to fill all of these "sold-out" venues. Have you seen how empty most of the events are?  The best example of my horror at their quest for perfection is these girls below... one a perfect picture of beauty and grace.. the other a beautiful singer but not attractive enough for the communist regime... DISGUSTING!
I am enjoying the Olympics but the IOC should be ashamed of awarding these games to a country with such a terrible human rights record. 
I believe in our country and I am proud to be an American!! Go USA!!!

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