August 5, 2008

Stuck in Wichita

This weather map is apparently why I am still in Wichita, Kansas instead of home with my family in Idaho right now... Ordinarily this would not be the airlines fault... but with United Airlines it is their fault... OK seriously you put hubs in San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Cincinnati, and Washington DC... Could you pick worse cities for your hubs? I mean c'mon there is ALWAYS major weather in at least one of those cities...

I am here visiting clients from Gracepoint Church in Wichita which is an incredible church and a fun project. I flew in (on 2 delayed United flights!) on Sunday evening and we got up early and drove down to OKC with the church team and contractors to visit churches for the day. Started with visiting my PEEPS in Norman from Journey Church where Robin and I spent some of our best years in ministry helping from the early days. It is awesome to see what Clark and the team are doing. They are such an innovative church!

Rod Conant, Yours Truly, Clark Mitchell, and Bryson Butts (Pastor of Gracepoint)

I will post more about the trip later with pics, but we saw Journey, 3 campuses of Life Church and a really cool new facility for Trinity Fellowship in Yukon, OK. Spent the day today back in Wichita with the team at Gracepoint and then headed to the airport... now surfin wifi and waiting to go back to the airport in the AM to head home... wish me luck... I am on Frontier so maybe I will have better experience... Did I mention it was 107 degrees with about 85 percent humidity? I wanna go home!

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Anonymous said...

They look like fun dudes. :) I'm glad I wasn't stuck there...ugh. I dislike humidity...very very much.