July 21, 2008

subconjunctival hemorrhage

OK so I went with Robin and a bunch of friends to see the new Batman movie... in IMAX (Sit far away from the screen)

The movie was great... INTENSE! SO intense I got one of these..

Not sure if the movie had anything to do with it... but my eye looks disgusting!

It doesn't really hurt but the constant blood and drainage is a bit annoying :-) I was pretty freaked when we got to the ER because I only have one good eye... for those that know me well I am basically blind in my left eye so when anything goes on in my right eye I get a little paranoid... My BP was pretty high when they were examining me... once they told me I was OK it went to normal...

Good times!


JB said...

did ya have to do a close up?...sheesh that was def an attention getter. i've been thinking are you sure you weren't chewing your popcorn loud and got popped from the guy in front of you? he..he..pray your eye heals now in Jesus Name!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken I´ll be praying for your EYE ok!!! God´s in Control..
Love ya Man