July 12, 2008

How do I love thee...

OK first... anyone who knows me at all knows what a geek I am... I may just be really tired, but the world changed last night!
At around 1am Apple finally got around to us lowly iPod Touch owners and gave us the magical 2.0 software update. The update has a few cool features but HOLY COW!!!! The app store and the new Apps available are AMAZING!!! Here is a glimpse of some of the apps I downloaded

I am still playing (and tired from late night downloads) but here are some of my faves.
  1. YouVersion Bible
  2. Remote (Control your computer iTunes with your iPod Touch)
  3. Paper Football (C'mon what a classic!)
  4. MotoRacer (Uses the accelerometer to ctrl your motorcycle on a road race)
  5. Zenbe Lists (To Do, Shopping and much more)
  6. Super Monkey Ball (You have to see it to understand)
  7. iTip (Tip Calculator)
So many more!!!
It took my pretty cool music and video player and turned into an addiction!
Way to go Apple! You set an impossibly high bar last night... now to figure out how to switch the church account from Verizon to ATT... must have iPhone 3G!!!


Don said...

I love the new App store. I would also love to upgrade to 3G but I can't quite justify it yet. I'll see how long before I give in.

I haven't found a killer app yet but I have only tried some of the Free one.

Anonymous said...

highly recommend yelp, truphone (if you're an international caller - uses wifi, no minutes and 6c a minute to most places), twitterrific if you're a twitter user, YP mobile (great for events etc in your local area - pulled up some great event in my local suburban town) and I can't wait for the wordpress app for my blog.

JML said...

I had to comment here to make sure you got it. Thanks Ken. That means a lot coming from you!

little naive said...

I saw the funniest commercial a few days ago.
"Finally a phone that can defeat the iphone. It downloads faster. It (some other feature I can't remember)..."
They open a silver case
"New. The iphone 2"

It cracked me up and your blog reminded me of it.